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Ogden School District Contest


Winners of the District Contest Announced

Congratulations to our Ogden School District Regional Qualifiers

These students will compete at the Weber Regional Contest beginning March 5th

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Lucy Ballard

Investigating the War on Drugs:  How Presidential Communication and Rhetoric Contributed to its Failure - Historical Paper (OHS)

Anna-Clarissa Beltran

African Women Activists during the Civil Rights Movement Act of 1964 - Exhibit (OHS)

Whitni Bishop

Raven Wilkinson: Communication in History  - Exhibit (OHS)

Elly Carlton

Effects of Ethnocentrism and Communication on Mexican and Anglo-Saxon groups in America - Historical Paper (OHS)

Isabel Carroll

Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition - Historical Paper (OOS)

Estrella Chavez  Fernandez

Hazel Scott - Website (OHS/OOS)

Taylee Green

The Stonewall Uprising  - Exhibit (OHS)

Meg Lever

Organic Architecture - Exhibit (OHS)

Allie Phillips

The Nome Alaska Serum Run - Exhibit (OHS)

Titan Warren

Native Tribes and the Trail of Tears - Documentary (OHS)

Luke Webb

The Tet Offensive of 1968 - Documentary (OHS)


Serving Ogden School District students in grades 4-12.

All students advancing from their individual schools, including Ogden Online, need to register on this site.

To register as a teacher, student, or judge, please begin above at Create Account.

For 2021, our Ogden District History Day Competition will be held VIRTUALLY.

The Registration Deadline for the District competition is 7:00 pm, Monday, February 1st.

All projects must be submitted to this site by noon on Friday, February 5th.

Judges will begin evaluating projects on Saturday, February 6th. Our National organization has decided that interviews will not take place this year. Please make sure that your project conveys all that you wish to share about your project, within the specified limits, of course. 



Remember - teachers must register before their students.

How-To Videos:


Contact Lisa Pockrus with further questions.


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